1st Day of 1st Grade!

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Spencer is a First Grader today!

Instead of the obligatory first day of school post and pic I couldn’t pass up the chance to lay down the truth.

In order for kids to truly benefit from school they need to be ATTACHED to their teachers.

In the book ‘Hold on to your kids: Why parents need to matter more than their peers,’ it talks about teacher, parents anybody in an authority role who is an adult and who will be in charge of their child.

Attachment is just a synonym for liking the teacher, wanting to do good, to stand out in the teacher’s eye, etc…..

I can count on both hands the number of teachers I was attached to. My favorite teachers 1. Hauenstein (Industrial arts) 2. Mr. D (Health-didn’t really teach me anything about health) 3. Mr Larson (middle school gym) 4. Ms. Eichner (elementary gym) 5. Boze (High school gym and cross country/track coach for 5 years.. Then you had Mrs. B my 4th grade teach and Mr. A my 3rd grade teacher.
After that not too attched to any teacher. In fact, I couldn’t even name one of my teachers in College.

If you’ve seen my posts before on the education system then you know I beleive it to be an indoctrination process where we completely strip away a child’s ability to be themself.

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We teach them how to memorize rather than to actually learn. We teach them how to think everything in class is right, teacher is always right, and not to question what’s in text books or the teachers or the authority in the school.

Richard feynman quotes about school system

In many ways school is a mind control program. Most schools are set up in the same way as prisons are. Or is it prisons are set up like schools. Main difference is there is classrooms rather than cells. Kind of like an office building, instead of cells there is cubicles and offices. They want everyone to be the same. Different gets you in trouble- detention, time out room, face the wall–get your cigarettes taken away, rec time taken away, solitary confinement.

I beleive traditional schooling was one major reason why I suffered through depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide soon after I graduated college. Because I was told if you fall in line, do what you are told, go to school and graduate you come out and automatically get a good job, house, family, and live happily freaking after.

Not true.

Happiness is a journey. And unfortunately a lot of people are not happy. And really unfortunate is the suicide rate for 10 and above year olds through mid-20’s is the one trending up the most. ANd yes that does say 10 year olds. Low dopamine state humans. The lower the dopamine goes the higher the risk. Technology and blue light lower it the most. Who’s the most tech addicted age group? Brain is unmylienated and not fully developed until mid-20’s……..connecting any dots?

Everyday is a chance for YOU, the parent, grandparent to teach your child. You know—things that actually matter in life. After reading and writing and social skills (which is being destroyed) there really isn’t much that applies to life in school. For me there was fighting. I beleive every boy and girl should get in a fight. I just bought some boxing mits this past week for Spencer.

As parents we are the ultimate ‘teacher’. Don’t let it be an Ipad or TV show. This past week on our morning sun walks I talked to her about trying new things and the Exclusion Zone of water created by cloudy days (aka red light days). Not the first time I’ve talked to her about EZ and won’t be the last. Repetition is key to training the mind………hmmmmm who else uses this tactic??? Oh yeah, the media. Ever hear of project mockingbird? Maybe that is something you should learn about.

Jason Yun sunrise 34-day light challenge

Because if we let our own education stop that means we are not challenging ourself. After 31 years of working out and training I still read, watch, listen, implement, etc….. Just because you have what compares to a black belt to most of the world, we must always have the mindset of a white belt or a brand new student.

‘Be like water, my friend.’ ‘Absorb what is useful, disgard what is not and make it your own.’~Bruce Lee Water can be shaped to any shape you want.

Life is always teaching. So don’t stop learning what is important to move yourself and your child or children forward.
Be great today. Teach your kids something today.

And definitely read that book I mentioned early. You cannot let your child’s peers guide their main development.

Let me know your thoughts. Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

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