1st Day of 1st Grade!

Spencer Yun Jason Yun 1st day 1st grde new albany, oh

Spencer is a First Grader today! Instead of the obligatory first day of school post and pic I couldn't pass up the chance to lay down the truth. In order for … View Project

103.6 Degree Fever- Yikes! Natural Treatment for fevers.

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Hope your day is starting off Strong. Going to be another beautiful day today. So my son got a fever that started on Saturday night and just ended this … View Project

A Child’s ‘Weird’ Eating Habits

children are their own selves

So for the first time my daughter Spencer is out of the high chair and experiencing her food on her terms. We were visiting my dad's and step mom's condo in … View Project

Ketogenic Diet for Kids- Can babies eat Keto?

Ketogenic kids - Can Babies Eat Keto?

Can babies eat Keto?                   Ketogenic Diet for … View Project

Closed Minded Pediatrician?

are you addicted to wheat and gluten mommy strength

So we went in for our four month checkup for my daughter, Spencer. It was quite an adventure. My first Christmas A photo posted by Jason Yun … View Project