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Dear Busy Mom (or soon-to-be Mom 🙂

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy are two of the most stressful times  in a woman’s life. As I’m sure you are experiencing now (or have recently experienced).

It’s hard to believe there are so many fitness and strength programs out there but not one that focuses on the busy mom, or the expecting mom……


Mommy Strength is a SUPER MOMS workout & educational site!

Everything is online, so you have 24/7/365 access. You workout when you want, and when you are feeling up to it. You’re not at the mercy of somebody else’s class schedule.

It is the only private, online Moms Workout Community created just for Moms & Expectant Mothers who are committed to looking and feeling their absolute best from Pre-Conception to Post-Pregnancy and Beyond!

You workout with other moms. Women who are currently pregnant or who have already had babies. They’ve been through what your going through.
online workouts for moms and expectant mothers online fitness and strength videos for mothers

With Mommy Strength you have a bunch of personal workout buddies waiting for you to workout with them!

The things that prevents most moms-to-be from starting and sticking to a workout routine while they are pregnant and getting back to their pre-baby body ASAP is:

  •  Not having a regular workout routine before getting pregnant
  • Morning sickness
  • Never knowing how you’ll feel at certain times of the days or when you’ve scheduled a workout
  • Fear of doing an exercise that is going to hurt your baby. Or fear of starting back too soon after having your baby.
  • Not knowing what to do
  • No time. Super busy, hectic schedule


You can now kiss those excuses goodbye!

workouts for mom that are safe and effective

Being strong and keeping a regular workout schedule through pregnancy and after will help:

  • Boost your energy
  • Reduce Pregnancy Discomfort- Back/Knee/Hip/Neck Pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Less prone to morning sickness
  • Prepare for Childbirth- Stronger You Are, Easier It May Be
  • Less likely to avoid forceps delivery, C-Birth, or other.
  • Lower risk of developing preeclampsia
  • Sleep Better
  • Reduce Stress/Better Mood
  • Reduced Weight Gain
  • Lower Chance of Gestational Diabetes
  • Look Better Throughout Pregnancy
  • Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Quicker
  • Develop a healthy habit that will benefit the rest of your life



mommy strength workouts by jason yun

All the workouts are based off of intervals or time, so you go at your own pace…..Getting stronger with each workout. Workouts range in length from just 5:00- 35:00. With the Yoga workouts going anywhere from 20-65:00. You decide which one your going to do that day based on your schedule and how you are feeling. Click here to check out a postpartum preview workout on the blog.

There are specific workouts for:

  • Pre-Pregnancy
  • 1st Trimester
  • 2nd Trimester
  • 3rd Trimester
  • Post-Partum
  • Post-Post Partum
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Yoga
  • Recovery

Here is a video walking you through exactly what you will be getting when you become a member of our Online Workout Community for Moms:

So how much does this life-changing program cost?

Well, it depends. Our prices are listed below. Click on the banner and be taken to our sign-up page. You’ll be given a week trial as well to try it out and make sure it is the right fit for you.

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Still got questions? Feel free to browse the website and our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have questions please visit our contact page

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Come and Join Us!

Join Moms Just Like You, Who Have Already Started Their Journey To Become The Fittest They Can Be Before, During, And After Pregnancy!

Are you ready to be the next Superstar Mommy Strength Mom and start enjoying all the benefits that Mommy Strength has to offer?

Then just click the button below to register and get instant access to the #1 Online Workout Community For Mom’s!

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We’re excited to work with you!

Your friends and coaches

Jason and Katie Yun

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And arriving 7/6/14- Baby Spencer Yun

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