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Welcome To Mommy Strength! Online Workouts & Education for Moms and Moms-To-Be

I just want to personally welcome you aboard and let you know how excited  I am that you decided to choose Mommy Strength workouts to take you, your body, your health, and your baby’s health/strength to the next level! Our hope is to give moms a place to workout 24/7 on their schedule with safe effective routines that will make you healthier throughout your pregnanct as well as your baby. And to give you the best workouts to get your body back into your pre-pregenancy shape and beyond!

As you may or may not have already noticed there is a lot of information on this website already. With even more being added. You need to to know where to start and what this website and membership will do for you. BUT– I know that all of this information about fitness and nutrition and health and recovery and etc…. can be a bit overwhelming for somebody starting out on the site. Which is what this page is for.


Mommy Strength Getting Started Guide

Your starting guide will give you a basic introduction to everything you will expereience with us. It will give you different plans of action depending on where you are starting. Beginner, Advanced, in between, Way Advanced, etc…. You will be given access as soon as you start your trial with us. 



Goal Setting Sheet

Download your goal setting sheet NEXT. After you have gone through the Mommy Strength Getting Started Guide Set Up Your Goals, Take Action, Smash Your Goals!

Go ahead and download it now and start filling in those goals. You must know what you want before you start going after it!

GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET_Mommy Strength getting started (Word .doc version)



Mission: FOCUS

After you have downloaded your Goal Sheet and set up your goals, now you will download Mission: FOCUS Create your weekly goals and workout plan, and get ready to CRANK IT!

MISSION FOCUS_Mommy Strength Getting started (Word .doc version)

MISSION FOCUS_Mommy Strength



This page is basically your start-up guide: You will also have access to this in the Member’s Only part of Mommy Strength once you become a member.


1. There are different types of workouts you can do. As of June 2014 we have:

* Pre-Pregnancy
* 1st Trimester
* 2nd Trimester
* 3rd Trimester

* Post-Partum
* Post-Post Partum
* Challenge

*Improvement Warrior Yoga


The layout of the workouts looks like this:

The title of the workout is listed, along with the number, the time needed to complete and any equipment needed for that workout. Just click on the title and the workout will open up. Click on it again to close it.

Each of the workouts inside of a particular mom are all located on the same page. All you have to do is click on the mom you want from the drop-down list and it will open up. With the Written workout on top, followed by the tutorial Video and then the Actual Workout video.

The link to our warm-up videos will be at the top of the menu bar. The format is the same for the warm-ups as well, except for no wirtten description.  If you have your own warm-up that you like to do, then do that. I recommend you learn a warm-up you like, or take several exercises from each warm-up and memorize them. Then watch the tutorial while doing the warm-up. The tutorial will always be the first video.   Next there will always be a video tutorial going over the exercises like it’s your first time going through the exercise. Some exercises will get repetitive, but as you go through other workouts with time you won’t even need some of the tutorials. But a good practice will always be to watch the tutorial while doing your warm-up.

‘If you don’t have time to warm-up, you don’t have time to workout.’
-Mike Ditka (sorry couldn’t find a quote about warming up from a mom 🙂

After the workout will be the workout video.  We use Workout Muse, it gives you cues as to when to start and stop and how much time is left. So over the music I will be yelling motivational phrases and form tips.  All workouts you can open up to a full screen on your computer, tablet, or smart phone (which I recommend). The majority of workouts on the site require you to get some type of equipment. I will always try and provide the cheapest but highest quality equipment for you. Because it needs to last and it needs to fit into your budget.

Click here to see the equipment page.

The majority of the workouts are based off of interval training. If you don’t know what interval training is say we take 3 exercises: squats, pushups, and jumping jacks. Very basic. You perform squats for :30, then you rest for :30, then you do pushups :30, then rest :30, then jumping jacks for :30 then you rest :30 and repeat for however many intervals you were planning on doing.

With intervals the awesome thing is anybody can do them. If you can’t go the full time then you simply just do what you can and try and improve day by day. But if you haven’t worked out in a while, or you have an injury, then start slow. You can do more then 3 workouts a week, but if you are just starting that is what  I recommend. Feel free to repeat any workout and try and beat your score or reps from the previous time– Always make sure you are progressing, but as your pregnancy progresses this will be harder; just make sure you are doing your best 🙂

Like I mentioned before most of the workouts on the site require some type of equipment, but we do have all body weight workouts pushups are a body weight exercise you can do to burn fat and lose weightwhich require no equipment.  However these workouts are not total body workouts, because it is very hard to train the back muscles without equipment. Pull/chin-ups would be the best exercise for hitting these muscles but that would require either a bar/rings or a ledge and a lot of strength (pull-ups won’t be included in the workouts). We can’t neglect the back when training. So it’s very important we hit those back muscles to avoid injury and overall strength and keep your posture strong and correct. So don’t neglect the other workouts we have on the site.

2. Nutrition

A. Recipes:

muppet chef and fat burning nutrition and recipes for the look better naked online fitness bootcamp

For nutrition you can download the Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint. Keep in mind I wrote it with the non-pregnant client in mind.

You will gain access to this once you become a member. Or you can purchase it on Kindle here. 

We also highly recommend the book:  

b. Nutritional Challenges:

Once you become a member and your member’s only access is emailed to you, you will see at the top there is a category called TRANSFORMATIONAL CHALLENGES. You are welcome to enter and go through the manuals for those challenges. But please understand that if YOU ARE PREGNANT, or NURSING, that we do not recommend the Nutritional Challenges of:

  • 30-day cleanse
  • IsaBody Challenge
  • Keto Gluten-Free Challenge
  • Paleo Challenge

The latter two are fine to implement into your life, but NOT as a weight loss strategy, just as a healthy eating strategy.

Cleansing is not recommended during pregnancy or nursing, as your body and BABY needs the energy and nutrients from food.

If you are done nursing or trying to lose weight before you get pregnant a cleanse is fine– but please consult your physician or doctor first. A Nutritonal Cleanse is a system that works by removing impurities (aka toxins) from your body with nutrition. The majority of people who go on this type of cleanse (especially those who have struggled with weight loss all their life) experience amazing results and weight loss. Below are my before and after pictures. Now weight loss wasn’t my goal, I wanted to get rid of the toxins in my body. And YES! Everybody has them. They are unavoidable unless you live in a bubble. And obviously I achieved a significant weight loss. But after searching for years for a way to finally get a hold of the diet and nutrition roller coaster so many people are on I finally found it. July-August 2013 I took the challenge and implemented something drastic into my life that I have been looking for– not only for myself but for my clients. I’ve read the benefits and everything, but I never tried it because I couldn’t find the right one that has the right combination of quality product, with quality ingredients, proven scientific research, tastes good, and delivers results. But I finally did 🙂

The second 30-day Challenge Results: Down another 1.3% body fat

What toxins do in your body

How you can enter:

Enter the 30-day challenge through LBN and Improvement Warrior Fitness (New website will open up)

Enter Isagenix’s Big Contest the IsaBody Challenge. Click the image below. Isabody challenge is 120-days.