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On this page is a list of our most common FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). If you do not see the answer you are looking please leave a comment down below at the bottom of this page; that way everybody else can see the question and answer as well. We are always here to help provide the best experience possible for you.

These questions will answer the most basic questions about System/Internet Requirements for Mommy Strength Online, What to Expect, Types of Workouts, Equipment, Cost, Whether this is for you, etc…..

For more detailed FAQs on certain subjects click below:

Kettlebells- (Coming soon)

Resistance Bands


Our mission:

Our mantra is to keep pregnant women safe and strong throughout pregnancy, have the safest & easiest delivery possible, and get you back to your pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible.

We provide busy mom’s and expecting mom’s an opportunity to get in the best possible shape while pregnant, and getting back to that pre-pregnancy body ASAP; getting results in less time and at a fraction of the costs of one-on-one personal training, bootcamps, and gym memberships or your money back. And all in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule.

What’s the cost of this thing?

That’s one of the first questions we get, so we’re not going to hide it from you. Below is a breakdown of our prices. It’s pretty simple.

As you can see the most you would pay for a membership is just $11.95 a month. We never want price to be an issue when you are trying to get in shape and live the life you want to live. Plus, there is no long term commitments. You can cancel whenever you want. All new members also receive their first 7-days for free. If at anytime you during those 7-days you don’t like it, feel free to cancel.

The prices below are good for your entire household. A lot of members of Mommy Strength & our other online workout site, LBN Online Fitness, like to workout with their kids or significant others.

online workouts for expecting moms and mommy 

What if I haven’t been exercising lately?

That’s okay. The workouts are designed for all types of fitness levels. From women who are very un-fit all the way up to extremely fit. Even if you are an athlete these workouts will challenge you. Step by Step, Inch by Inch. Plus you get a 7-day complimentary trial to try it out. You will see and feel results in those first 7- days alone. Trust me.

All of the workouts with all of the Workout Moms on Mommy Strength are timed based. Mostly in interval style. So for each time sequence you simply do what you can. For instance, if you can only do 5 reps of an exercise in :30– that’s what you do! A couple weeks down the road you might be able to 10 reps now. It’s important to just start for you and baby, especially if you haven’t been working out prior to pregnancy.

Down below is a testimonial from one of our bootcamp class clients who recently had a baby. The workouts we did in bootcamp were transferred to Mommy Strength, and of course modified depending on what Trimester you are in. You have to start to be great for self and baby!

What’s the difference between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester workouts? The postpartum workouts, challenge workouts, etc……..????

You are correct we do have different ‘genres’ so to speak. The workout genres are for you to pick where you are in your pregnancy. Or if you have already had your baby.

The focus through each ‘phase’ is just to get you as strong and fit as possible. 1st-3rd trimester we are working on keeping you and baby safe and strong. We want delivery to be as easy as possible and recovery to be as short as possible.

With the postpartum workouts we want to get you back in shape as quickly as we can, and get you back to pre-pregnancy body and beyond ASAP!

Challenge workouts step it up a notch even more to give you some numbers to shoot for during the workouts.

But remember all of the workouts are timed based. So in that regard you can keep coming back to certain ones you really like, or that really challenge you, and keep trying to improve.

There is Yoga which is my own brand of Yoga called Improvement Warrior Yoga. The only restrictions I have is if you are in your 2nd or 3rd Trimester, or unless your physician says not to.

What about equipment?

Good question. You will need some equipment based on the Workout Mom(s) that you choose to workout with.

The equipment page is here.

We’ve scouted the best bang for your buck places for the types of equipment you will need. (if you know of better prices please let us know)

How are the workouts designed?

I wrote all of the workouts. A lot of them are converted workouts from my physical fitness classes.  The workouts work. They’re fun and effective. Every workout is different. This keeps the body guessing and always adapting, so you never plateau with your progress. There are certain exercises that I focus more on, especially the basics like squats, pushups, bridges, rows, etc….. The basics always work 🙂

Most of the workouts are full body workouts. Which allow you to burn the most calories, build the most lean muscle tissue, and increase your metabolism the fastest. Which is especially good while you are pregnant because your body is changing shape and needs to be strong all over!

You will never see bodybuilder split routinesflex wheeler mr. olympia with ronnie coleman and dorian yates pumps iron no bodybuilder split routines with Jason Yun Fitness Bootcamps in these workouts.

Some workouts will focus more on certain aspects of the body, like lower or upper body. But the majority is total body workouts.

The average time of the workouts is about 20 minutes. But the workouts range from 5:00-35:00. This doesn’t include the warm-up. During pregnancy you never know how you will feel 🙂

But remember you control the video. If you need extra rest or need to stop– push pause!

What if I don’t know how do to the exercise?

That’s okay! We provide a video tutorial for all of the workouts. Alternates are provided if you can’t do the original version of it. Also during the workout I am constantly reminding you of how to make it easier or harder based on your level of fitness. Here’s an example of a workout tutorial:

So what kind of exercises will I be doing?

Basic exercises like:

  • squats
  • pushups
  • lunges
  • rows
  • presses
  • calisthenics
  • swiss ball exercises
  • resistance band exercises
  • kettlebell exercises
  • med ball exercises
  • core exercises
  • hip mobility
  • breathing exercises

And the list goes on and on. I’m constantly trying to keep it interesting in the workouts so it never gets boring.

What can I expect from the Online Mommy Strength Workout Videos?

You can expect results. Stronger you & baby, weight loss & fat loss, strength gain, endurance, confidence and self-esteem gain. Firmer thighs and butt, flatter stomach, increased muscle tone and strength, and plus you’ll get back to that pre-pregnancy body quicker! As long as you are consistent and put in the effort to get better at the exercises and activities presented each day. The results will be even greater by following some of the nutritional tips given. The workouts are made to be fun and challenging. If you just follow the program you will not fail, I guarantee it!

Accountability and motivation! Once you join you owe it to yourself and baby to keep up with a solid routine. How can you expect your child to be the best version of them if you are not the strongest version of you physically? And when you are strong physically it supports you in other ways, such as your mental toughness, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and happiness.

The video below will give you a virtual tour once you become a member:



How does nutrition factor into the program?

Our goal is not to overwhelm, but rather to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits during and after pregnancy. All trial members will receive a complimentary nutrition quick-start plan that will provide basic introductory nutrition guidelines to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

This site will also house nutrition/education lessons (via video, audio, .pdf) more specific to pregnancy, baby, family, and more. As of the launch in April 2014 this information was not included, but will be coming soon; if it hasn’t already been added.

You will also be able to download my 25 Rules of Fat Loss CD on .mp3.

What about Supplements?

Supplements get a page all to themselves. Too much information to give to put on here. Click here for the Supplements FAQ.

Why online?

I teach bootcamps and strength and fitness workouts at a physical location, if you can make it to Ohio that’s fine and you’re welcome to join us. The majority of my clients, about 90% are female. And a lot of them were getting pregnant (by means other then me 🙂 The workouts we did in class were much too high impact for them to continue. I was fine giving alternates and such, but when they mentioned they were doing ‘bootcamp’ to their doctors or physician’s most were told to stop. So I created online pregnancy version of my bootcamps & workouts with Mommy Strength. Making each workout specific to a moms needs during and after takes away any excuse of it’s too high impact, doctor’s fears, time & schedule, or ‘it’s too far away’. And it also takes away the price objection as well. Anybody in the world with an internet connection or a cellular can do the workouts 24/7, whenever they want.

And now you can even do it on your Smart Phone, Tablet, or TV.

‘But I’m Still Scared, I’m Really Out Of Shape’

starting a workout program is hard, never give up

Always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program, especially if you are pregnant and were not working out before you got so.

Like I said before we are based off of intervals. A lot of fitness programs and some bootcamps are still counting reps. The Workout Moms on Mommy Strength are all previous/current clients of mine so they were working out before they got pregnant.  Some are in better shape then others, but if you were to have a rep race of a certain exercise one mom might be able to do 50 while another can only do 15. You might be able to do 20. That’s bad. And if the goal is 50, you’re most likely not even going to get there, or it’s going to take a long time. You’ll get discouraged and that’s not what I want with Mommy Strength.

We want you to succeed, which is why we do 90-95% of our workouts based off of intervals. Exercise for :20 rest :10, or exercise for :30 rest for :30. One day you can do 2 reps, then next you can do 5, the next 10. Step by step. Baby steps.

And remember all exercises have progressions. If you can’t do a certain exercise we give you an alternate or two or three that you can do. No one is left behind in my program. You will be the strongest Mommy you can be!

‘Why Should I Trust You? What Makes You Different From The Trainer At _____ Gym?’

jason yun LBN online fitness workouts and videos

fat loss training with streaming fitness videos

I’ve worked as a personal trainer at gyms in the past and hated it. I believe I am an awesome trainer, and the results I’ve gotten my clients speaks for themselves (testimonials). But in order to be a good trainer at a gym you have to be a good salesmen. Which I was not.

But I found bootcamps in 2008 and although it was hard at first to get clients in, it was a lot easier then walking around a gym ‘selling’ everybody a pre-recorded script. The bootcamps grew overtime because I got people results.

I love training people and I remember one day about 6 months in a guy who was moving out of the country and it was his last class with me told me ‘I just want to say ‘thank you’, Jason. You really changed my life and I will never forget it.’ It was then that I realized I made the right decision and that I will continue to improve my bootcamps and workouts, both physical and online, so that I can help even more people.

In 2012 I earned my Fit Moms certification to work with perinatal woman, which lead to the creation of Mommy Strength.

If you’d like to read my full bio you can go here.

mommy strength online workouts for moms jason yun

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is.

Your satisfaction will be met through our no-risk, 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied and thrilled with Mommy Strength, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.
Don’t decide now if this online workout site for moms is for you. Sign up and give it a try. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, save you money (think about all the other programs and information you’ve purchased in the past), time, frustration, don’t worry. You get everything you paid– back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You must ask for your refund within 60 days of your membership starting. But you have to at least do it! You can’t just sign up and not do anything. Action is what gets results!

What requirements are there to watch the workout videos?

The workout videos are between 5-35:00 with some exceptions going over and under. Dial-up internet or something similar will not work with this site. It could but you would be waiting around hours for the video to load.

We recommend high speed internet, either ethernet or wireless.

Internet Explorer has also been known to have some issues that we can’t seem to fix. Sometimes show sometimes not. We recommend Firefox, Safari, Chrome or anything other the IE.

What happens when you push play is the video will start streaming. Once it streams enough video it will start playing. Then while it is playing it will download the rest of the workout.

Most high speed connections should take less then 30 seconds for the video to start playing, usually it is only a matter of seconds. If it takes more then that you’re internet probably isn’t fast enough. You could wait for it to download completely, but we recommend upgrading to a faster solution. Some solutions would be to call your internet service provider and ask them to increase speed, or update your router.

You can also now do the workouts from your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, and other smart phones and tablets with either the 3G or 4G connection, or whatever they come up with next. To do it on your tv you would either need an connector cord or a television with internet surfing capabilities. 

To test your speed please go back up to the tutorial video under the FAQ ‘What if I don’t know how to do an exercise’ and see how fast that loads for you. Under :30 and you are good. 

Still Have questions? Leave a comment below. Or go to our contact page. Someone will get back to you ASAP!