A Child’s ‘Weird’ Eating Habits


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So for the first time my daughter Spencer is out of the high chair and experiencing her food on her terms.

We were visiting my dad’s and step mom’s condo in Panama City Beach, Florida. She wasn’t a fan of the beach:

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To adults and children her pattern above might seem a little weird. Grab some food off the plate go out on the balcony sit on the floor and eat it. Come back in, grab some more then go back out and sit up in the recliner chair and eat some more. She repeated this until it was about 90% gone.

We are all set in our ways of doing things. She loves the food: keto fat bomb pancakes (recipe is here), roast beef and blueberries. And it appears she loves being outside with nature (every morning when we are home and she wakes up I open the shades and say ‘nature lights’ and we look and admire the forrest, trees, leaves, rain, snow, whatever is outside that day for a few moments.)

We all want to make things easy for ourselves, but sometimes we miss the fact that NOW is where life happens. My child, your child is not a little you. Let them discover their path. You can guide them but in the end it’s their life!

children are their own selves



  1. Love to see this! As a feeding therapist, so often I see parents ‘forcing’ certain routines, etc on their kids at feeding time. Are there table manners, yes, but they are KIDS and grazing is DEVELOPMENTAL at a certain age. My 3 year old will wiggle in his chair through most of dinner, but will stay at the table. My 21 month old will stand on his chair, eat for a bit (approx 1/3 of his meal) then gets down. I always clean up his plate last, cause little hands come back for more…. about another 1/3 more. After dinner we do bath, jammies, and a healthy snack (usually fruit) in which he eats a decent amount. It’s funny cause so often kids listen to their bodies and it’s hunger cues so much better than adults. We really should learn from them as much as they learn from us 😉