Closed Minded Pediatrician?


So we went in for our four month checkup for my daughter, Spencer. It was quite an adventure.

My first Christmas

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We had a new pediatrician that we hadn’t had before.
She asked all the basics but then we got to the subject of food.
It was under my understanding that the first whole foods shouldn’t be introduced until 6 months.
She said that we should introduce an iron fortified cereal into our daughters diet. We asked if there was anything else because we our raising our daughter paleo/ketogenic/ low carb— or basically grain and gluten  and crap free.
She said ‘no’ there is not anything else except for the cereal.
Rice and iron fortified cereals should be off limits for baby
Apparently she had not heard of
  • Eggs (YOLKS)
  • Green veggies
  • See below

iron fortified cereal is bad


My major problem with this is it was a very closed minded ‘opinion’. There are plenty of iron rich foods. And you certainly don’t need an enriched food item to get it— for one because the body knows the difference between synthetic minerals and vitamins and naturally occurring one. It will reject or only partially synthesize the synthetic.
Second, she recommend a food item. Not a real food! In my opinion cereal is not really food. Its processed to the nth degree and usually consumes GMO corn or soy.
What grains do to the body? Well, the world would be a healthier and less obese nation and mentally better off without the consumption of grains. For starters, they leech minerals from the body because of the anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and lectins. If your body doesn’t absorb the vitamins and minerals you are eating then a health decline you will surely get.
Another thing is it’s high blood sugar response. Whole wheat bread, the darling of the ‘healthy diet’ (yeah right) raises your blood sugar levels higher then regular table sugar! And high blood sugar levels equate to high releases in insulin which helps to push the unused carbs into your fat cells– making them bigger and healing to raise your triglycerides.
The last point I will make here (but it’s not the end for the condemnation of grains by a long shot) is it is highly addictive. Bread and crackers and grains are one of the hardest addictions to give up. Most people will get withdrawal symptoms similar to that of trying to quit cigarettes or cocaine or caffeine. And who can blame people because the food companies making this stuff pay scientists millions of dollars to come up with the very special formulations that people eat and eventually become habituated to which can lead to addiction.
are you addicted to wheat and gluten mommy strength
A study showed that just 1 person in 100 will end up NOT getting some sort of mental decline in their lifetime (memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc….) and that’s because the majority of people are eating the standard American diet— but obviously not you because you care about your health and the health of your family– especially the kids.
Grains should be off the plate for humans (and animals).  Especially a baby’s body. With an underdeveloped digestive system and all other systems are the same way.
After reviewing all the research on when to actually introduce whole foods in the diet,  it would make sense that 6 months is best. Especially when a baby is being breast fed because the babies iron stores transferred from the mother will last that long.
Another thing she brought up during our visit was milk. Saying that we should switch to whole milk at one year and then to 1% or skim milk after the age of 2 because whole milk has too much fat.
I’m sorry but but nobody in this family will be drinking any type of cows milk unless it is raw. And since I live in ohio I can’t get raw milk legally unless I own my own cow or am part of a cow share program. Raw milk is more regulated than some drugs. It’s ridiculous!
Skim is bad, it’s like drinking sugar water. When you take the fat out of milk and pasteurize and homognize it to death (have you seen the new ULTRA PASTURIZED on most milks now) you kill the bad bacteria— but you also kill the good bacteria and enzymes. Plus you aren’t getting the minerals (most are fortified) like vitamin d, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and vitamin a. You can’t absorb those without fat! And too much phosphorus inhibits the absorption of calcium, so you really aren’t getting all that calcium you think you are.
When I first went paleo in January 2011 it was my milk and cereal consumption I didn’t know what to do about. I consumed minimum 3 gallons of skim milk a week and 2-3 boxes of cherrios. But removing these  two things were the absolute best thing. No more bloat. No more pooping 2-3 times a day and all the other times having to hold in farts.
Another issue is that she pretty much is telling everybody the same thing. And in that regard people listen to people who we think are authority or in power. But most pediatricians and doctors their hands are tied to what they were taught. And when it comes to nutrition they simply don’t have the necessary training. Maybe a couple days to weeks of nutrition training when their total training takes years.
And so its with that, we decided to switch pediatricians to someone who welcomes parents who care about what goes into their baby’s body and who doesn’t prescribe the same thing to everybody but plays by an individual point of view. Because my baby is a very special child and individual. And so is yours!
Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will for someone else. Strive for greatness– be the Improvement Warrior.



  1. Good for you Jason! It’s hard to “go against the grain” when it comes to doctors/pediatritians. I’m glad you decided to do what’s best for your family!

    • YunTraining says

      Yes! Thanks for reading! I want whats best for my child and all others that truly care! Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior

  2. Angie Meeker says

    We have seen Dr Linda Chun at OSU Center for Integrative Medicine since Nila was born. She is amazing. We breasted for the first year ( with some solids around 9 months ), but even then it was real fruits and veggies if I remember correctly… And she totally supported that.