103.6 Degree Fever- Yikes! Natural Treatment for fevers.

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Hope your day is starting off Strong. Going to be another beautiful day today.

So my son got a fever that started on Saturday night and just ended this morning.

Last night it got up to 103.6 degrees. But got it down to 99 this morning.

I always attempt to do things naturally and without drugs like Tylenol, which has been shown to cause liver diseasse in both kids and adults, or motrin, which has been known to cause kidney failure and issues. Kidney and liver are pretty important.

As a kid especially in grade school I would always pretend to be sick. Sometimes just to get to take the Tylenol or cough syrup. Grape was my favorite flavor. I sucked them down like candy.

Who knows what that has did to me?

But my wife wanted to give him something to get the fever down.

I referred her to the Wellness Mama’s blog post about fever.

A fever is something that is completely natural. It is our way of fighting off something going wrong in us. Much like cholesterol fighting off things going wrong (which is why it is idiotic to take a statin– see my talk on cholesterol below).

But the other things we did was

  • get him out in the sun as much as possible. Especially early morning and evening (sunrise and sunset most important)
  • Grounding– connecting to the earth with no shoes, or hands and knees in his case. Or skin on skin. EMF Webinar Part 1
  • Essential oils. Peppermint and orange is a combo for reducing fever according to Dr. Z and his essential oil book Always use a carrier oil. I uused extra virgin olive oil and a 1.5% solution for him so 3 drops of each in 1 tbsp of EVOO. These are the oils I use: Essence from Isagenix.
  • Diffusing essential oils while he sleeps.
  • Air purifier while sleeps. I have a water based one that have been using for years.
  • Tried the wet sock therapy but the socks didn’t stay on.
  • Cold water with Isafruits.
  • Feeding him breastmilk as much as possible.


Once you go down the route of giving drugs to treat things it is a slippery slope. Kind of like using an Ipad/TV as a babysitter.

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You don’t know the detrimental effects years or decades down the road.One doctor I follow on youtube is Dr. John Bergman. Here is saying Tylenol depletes Glutatione–which is crtical for people taking statins, but not as critical as getting off statins is 😉

 Remember, I am not a doctor, and neither is the Wellness Mama. So consult your doctor if you feel the need to. I am completely against most of the medical paradigm as I believe it is one of the major factors killing our children and adults as well. 

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